Creative Nonfiction by Queer Writers
Edited by Jim Tushinski and Jim Van Buskirk
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Jay Blotcher

Jay Blotcher has been involved in gay journalism and community activism since 1982. His first professional job in New York City was co-producing the 1983 gay TV talk show Our Time, hosted by Vito Russo. His second job was towel boy at The St. Mark's Baths. Blotcher's articles have appeared in mainstream (New York Times, Salon) and gay (Advocate, Out) media . His nonfiction work has appeared in seven anthologies, including the Lambda Book Award winner I Do, I Dont: Queers on Marriage (2004) and the upcoming Resistance: A Radical Political History of the Lower East Side (Seven Stories Press, 2006), edited by longtime videographer-activist Clayton Patterson. Blotcher served as media coordinator for the founding chapters of ACT UP and Queer Nation and co-founded Public Impact Media Consultants. He has co-produced three documentaries, including Heroes, about Boy Scout James Dale. Blotcher and husband Brook Garrett were among the same-sex couples married by New Paltz Mayor Jason West in 2004.

Read more about Jay at www.jayblotcher.com.

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