Creative Nonfiction by Queer Writers
Edited by Jim Tushinski and Jim Van Buskirk
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Max Pierce

Max Pierce's debut novel is The Master of Seacliff (Harrington Park Press), a Gothic mystery. As a journalist, his writings on Hollywood history and gay life have appeared in such diverse publications as Classic Images and online for The Advocate. Max explored the complicated relationship with his mother as part of the anthology Walking Higher: Gay Men Write About the Deaths of Their Mothers (Renault Publishing, 2004). He also leads a GLBT writing group in West Hollywood. Annoyingly optimistic about his future, Max really does not like to revisit his childhood, unless paid to do so. Learn more at www.maxpierce.com.

Read an excerpt from "Child Star"

Max Pierce

Max at Metro

Max At Metro: Realizing a Dream. Strolling the former MGM lot in 2003: the Art Deco building on the left originally housed dressing rooms for studio stars Greta Garbo and Jean Harlow, among others.